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Griselda Gifford - Author of Children's Books

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Because of Blunder

Ben's Expedition

Cass the Brave

Clarence the Crocodile

Danger at the Doghouse

Francis the Hero

Earwig and Beetle

Helpful Harry and 

The Magic Hole in the Wall

House of Spies

Jenny and the Sheep Thieves

Mirabelle's Secret

Miranda's Monster

Not too young

Pete and the Doodlebug

Revenge of the Wildcat

River of Secrets

Second Sight

Silver's Day

The Secret of Monks Island

The Cuckoo's Daughter


The Magic Pet


The Mystery of the Wooden Legs

The Silent Pool

The Skeleton Upstairs

The Rescue

The Story of Ranald

The Youngest Taylor


Too Many Grans!

Two of a Kind




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